Veterans Day 2022


O Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus Christ, and the Life creating Holy Spirit, in every age You call certain people to defend our families from oppression, tyranny, and evil. Since our founding as a nation “conceived in liberty,” countless men and women have stepped forward to defend our Families, our communities and our country, from aggressors; to liberate those held captive, and to promote freedom and justice.

Today we honor our veterans and first responders: those who rest in esteemed glory, those who still suffer from the wounds of war, those who enjoy the blessing of living in the land of the free, as well as our military and first responders who are presently serving and facing danger, in harm’s way this very day.

O Lord, thank You for the selfless sacrifice of these veterans, first responders, and of their families. Help us to remember them, to pray for them, and to care for them. May the souls of our departed veterans find eternal peace in Your Kingdom, and may we comfort their families with Your unfailing love.

 Please heal these wounded veterans and first responders, through the grace of Your Holy Spirit, and grant your “peace that passes all understanding” to comfort those who continue to experience emotional, physical and psychological trauma. We pray and ask Thee, to heal these heroes, who feel they have nowhere to turn. We also pray for healing and peace to all the people who live in the regions in which our veterans have fought.

 We ask for an end to wars and crime, and the dawn of a new era of peace. Give us the creative vision to see a world which, grown weary with fighting and evil, moves to affirm the life of every human being and thus moves beyond war and chaos. Help us not to exclude other nations and peoples of the world, but to include them in a loving and harmonious Christian family. Turn the hearts and minds of our leaders and those of our enemies to the work of justice and peace, of love and harmony for all people.

Lord, we respect them, we thank them, we honor them, we are proud of them, and we pray that you will watch over these exceptional men and women, our Veterans and first responders, and bless them with peace and happiness.

Hear our prayer, O Prince of Peace and may the peace you left us, the peace you gave us, be the peace that sustains us and the peace that saves us. For to You, belong all glory, honor and worship, to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.


About padrerichard

I am a Priest with ROCOR.
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