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Lent, what is it?

Contrary to what many think or feel, Lent is a time of joy. It is a time when we come back to life. It is a time when we shake off what is bad and dead in us in order … Continue reading

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How to Forgive and How Not to Forgive Another myth is that forgiveness is possible only if it has been asked for. This is not at all the case. We forgive not for the other person’s sake – we forgive … Continue reading

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Theosis and Orthodoxy

Theosis is possible through the uncreated energies of God        In the Orthodox Church of Christ, man can achieve theosis because the Grace of God, according to the teaching of the Holy Bible and of the Church Fathers, is uncreated. … Continue reading

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Domestic Missions

At the end of the Gospel according to St. Matthew, Jesus Christ gives this final charge to the Apostles before His Ascension into heaven: “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the … Continue reading

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Living Orthodoxy daily

DAILY ORTHODOX LIFE… 1. When you wake up, let your first thought be about God, your first word be a prayer to God your creator and keeper of your life, Who is always able to give life or destroy it, … Continue reading

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