Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit For Theirs is the Kingdom of the Heavens

Ancient Christian Wisdom

SermonOur past series on the Creed laid out how we should believe in order to inherit the Kingdom of God, stressing how our beliefs transfigure the entire person leading to a new and holy world of blessed thoughts, sacred sentiments, and virtuous actions. In this new series, we intend to look at what the fathers saw as the perfect exemplar for the Christian life that should inform the choices and sharpen the focus of the Christian even as the Law of Moses guides the Jew in day-to-day life. The subject, then, of this new series will be the Sermon on the Mount in which the Lord Christ spoke about the kind of life that leads the blessedness of God ruling the human heart. The word μακάροι translated as blessed, selected by the Evangelist Matthew, is etymologically unrelated to our word for blessing (εὐλογία), but rather refers to a fortunate state…

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