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The Significance of the “Six Psalms” of the Orthodox Matins Service

Matins (also spelled Mattins, from the Latin, matutinae, “morning”), also called Orthros (from Greek, meaning “morning”, “dawn” or “day break”), is the longest and most complex of the daily cycle services. Matins is celebrated in the morning, unless it is … Continue reading

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Lenten Advice

As we enter into the Lenten season, there are loads of articles and information to read to steer us in the direction of working out our Repentance.  This article was written as Pastoral advice for the ones who shepherd a … Continue reading

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Profanity according to God’s Word

I often hear friends and family, believers in Jesus Christ, use language that would be referred in modern days as cursing, swearing, or profanity.  God’s Word specifically commands us not to use such language. But Father, this is normal every … Continue reading

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The Study of Scripture

HOW TO READ THE BIBLE AND WHY by Saint Justin Popovich The Bible is in a sense a biography of God in this world. In it the Indescribable One has in a sense described Himself. The Holy Scriptures of the … Continue reading

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