Orthodox Prayer Ropes

Prayer Rope

When praying with your Prayer Rope, on each knot, pray the Jesus Prayer. At the end of a set of knots, pray to the Theotokos and the Glory to the Father…

The prayer rope is not some kind of amulet with magic or exorcising powers. On the contrary, it is a purely Orthodox holy object used only for praying and nothing else.

To continue reading about using a Prayer rope, go here!

“When mind and heart are united in prayer and the soul is wholly concentrated in a single desire for God, then the heart grows warm and the light of Christ begins to shine and fills the inward man with peace and joy. We should thank the Lord for everything and give ourselves up to His will; we should also offer Him all our thoughts and words, and strive to make everything serve only His good pleasure.”
St. Seraphim of Sarov

Trust in the intercession of the Mother of God, of the angels and saints, is a form of Christian hope. They are powerful in intercession for us, both by the grace of Christ and their own virtues. Righteous John, Wonderworker of Kronstadt, My Life in Christ p.501

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