Temple of the Woke: are universities basically new ‘religious’ training centers?

May God have mercy on us and our children!

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It used to be that teachers prided themselves on presenting a subject to their students from a non-bias perspective, actively attempting to falsify their own beliefs on the subject, leaving it to the student to think through the subject and come to their own reasoned conclusions.

This was my experience in my graduate studies in theology. My professors, all hailing from different Christian denominations, presented theology in the classic spirit of scholarship as described above. Though each of them had definite, settled beliefs in their respected fields, they demanded their students come to their own reasoned conclusions based on their research.

Two years after graduation I was ready for more self-inflicted pain and debt and I entered a grad program in counseling psychology at a local state university. The contrast was absolutely shocking.

It was the first time I had heard the phrase “white male privilege” (in fact, I was…

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