Spiritual Conditions

“You struggle only to discover that you haven’t made any progress. You go pray and after praying you feel even more useless, even more wild than before. Some get upset, are disturbed, feel turned upside down when they see this happen. But this is egotism.  The same event you can take positively and it will become something very good while also helping you become humble: “My God, so many years as a Christian and I haven’t changed a bit. Look, even my most holy moment before, how devoid of grace it was! But, I thank you for bringing me to this point that I see extent of my frivolity. I thought that I was someone important. Now I see my nothingness.'”
“What you are because of your sin is of no importance. God is healing  you. He might leave the ugliness of your condition to show more precisely so that you can see it, so you can disapprove of it, take the correct stance, and in this way you will be blessed.” – Elder Symeon Krayopoulos

About padrerichard

I am a Priest with ROCOR.
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