Three Words Your Priest Hates to Hear

The Orthodox Clergy Wife by Presbytera Anonyma

In fact, just about anybody hates to hear these three words. They are however especially frustrating  to those in leadership in all kinds of areas—business, politics, the church.

These three words show disrespect—not just for the priest, but for other people. They wound. They mislead. They sow dissension in a community. Sometimes they are aimed at the priest himself, sometimes at his family, sometimes against another member of the parish.

Recently a colleague of my husband’s was talking with him about a member of his own parish who repeatedly comes to him with these words. My husband too has on occasion heard them.

The words are: “People are saying….”

The priest or other person who receives these words is condemned to shadow-boxing, as they try to figure out who it is that is saying what the messenger claims is being said; how many are saying it; how fast and how…

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