Church is Hard

An excellent article. I wonder how guilty I am of not listening?

Saved Together

Among the news headlines and trending topics on social media of the past few weeks has been the results of new polls that show a decline in people, especially young people who identify with any organized faith community. The “rise of the ‘nones’ (as in, church affiliation: none)” has occupied debates and discussions, both among pundits and in the pews of our churches. I just attended a church conference in my diocese and the questions were certainly asked: Why are young people leaving? Who’s to blame? What’s to be done? Of course, as a pastor, I’m concerned. I don’t want to see young people, or anyone leave the faith, and not because I’m worried about ‘institutional’ concerns like ‘membership numbers’ or needing to be validated by having more people in ‘my’ church (btw, it’s not mine anyway!), or, God forbid worried about the ‘church’ surviving financially. I’m concerned because I…

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