Orthodox Theology: A Great Inheritance

lessons from a monastery

Christ the Saviour Russian Orthodox Cathedral (Toronto).

Recently there has been a lot of traffic on my blog to the post “The Great Inheritance of Orthodox Theology”. I am re-posting it here for the Truth of Our Faith series because I truly believe that our faith has entrusted us a great inheritance which is an unadulterated theology passed down to us through the sanctified lives and teachings of a great cloud of witnesses – a reality that is unfortunately challenged in contemporary theological circles. If you don’t want to bore yourself with details of the two conferences I speak of in the beginning, you can skip to the sixth paragraph where I simply talk about Orthodox theology. 

On February 15, 2012, some 1,500 faithful (including myself) were blessed to attend a conference in Piraeus: “Patristic Theology and Post-Patristic Heresy,” a response to another conference held at the Theological Academy of…

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