“Forgive and you will be forgiven … here is a short cut to salvation”

Eclectic Orthodoxy

Therefore, I pray you, let us flee this wicked and unpardonable sin (of remembrance of wrong). And if you want to learn that the darkening from the remembrance of wrong is worse than any other, then listen. Every other sin takes a brief while to commit and is soon over, as when someone commits fornication, and afterwards remembers the enormity of this sin and comes to consciousness of it; but remembrance of wrong has a passion that never ceases to burn. … Where remembrance of wrong has taken root, nothing is of any avail; not fasting, or prayer, or tears, or confession, or supplication, or virginity, or alms, or any other good thing. For remembrance of wrong towards our brother destroys everything.

I often hear people saying, ‘Alas, how shall I be saved? I haven’t the strength to fast, I don’t know how to keep vigil, I can’t live in…

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I am a Priest with ROCOR.
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