Where are the Children?


This Holy week I attended Holy Protection Russian Orthodox church for the rite of the washing of the feet. 

In the church were many, many children..from 0-12 attending the service. 
A twelve year old solemnly and perfectly read the prayers after communion
A three year old danced and spun in the beam of sunlight coming through the dome windows as she tried to embrace it
A younger child stared in awe at the icons and demanded to be brought to each one on the walls to reverence.

The church was without talkativeness, cell phones or plastic wrappers
Everyone solemnly paid attention and stood through the service which was nearly five hours long.

Where are our children you say?

Why do you ask now that they are grown?

Where were your children when they were young?
Did you take them out of school to come to the services?
Did you bring them…

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About padrerichard

I am a Priest with ROCOR and serve as Rector at St. Joseph of Optina Parish in Virginia Beach, VA
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