The Sunday Morning Show

censing in church

Yesterday, we celebrated the Birth of Jesus Christ, the Nativity.  The Divine Liturgy was the Liturgy that has been celebrated for the past 2000 years or so, not the modern day ‘services’ which many attend on any given Sunday in these days.  I could go on about an Orthodox Sunday Service, though there is a current blog article that tells the story of why one should be Orthodox and not another thing.

This blog can be found here.  It is worth you time reading the article and then begin to learn more about Orthodoxy.  Visit an Orthodox Church and come home!

From Jeremiah at the Orthodox Road blog

“The more time I spent in the Eastern Orthodox Church, the more I realized that they are actually not flashy or showy.  They simply continue to practice the rituals from the ancient church, which contain a great amount of depth and meaning … Sunday morning is not about converting people.  Following the customs of the early church, it is primarily for those who already believe.  The Sunday morning Divine Liturgy is a time of prayers and praise (and a short sermon) that revolve completely around the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus and His presence with us and within us in the Eucharist.

great entranceSunday is a Eucharistic Banquet, not an outreach program, which could certainly rile any good evangelical’s feathers.”

“May the peace and love that overflows from a life transformed in Christ be all of the witnessing that is necessary for us.  Not that there isn’t room for discussion or even a friendly, light debate, but in the end, I find a life transformed and beautified to be much more compelling than a slick sermon or a well-rehearsed argument.”

“Acquire the Spirit of Peace, and a thousand around you will be saved.”
~St Seraphim of Sarov

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