5 November 2013

Well today was the day to get out and vote.  We, mat. Mary and I, went to vote.  We were denied this privilege as we were too new to the area and had sent in our change of address one day, yes one day, too late for the Board of Elections rules.  So we were denied the pleasure of casting a vote for the candidates of our choice.

So be It!

However, who we vote for is not important if we do not first have Christ as our head!  We, who are Orthodox Christians, believe that Jesus Christ is the Truth, the Way, the Beginning, and the End.  He is our earthly and heavenly King.  As such, we are privileged to be able to set our sight on Him and Him alone.

Though man has said no, God has said Yes!  What a pleasure to absolutely  know Who is in charge, now and forever, no matter what man does.  Thank you Jesus for your love and forgiveness.

About padrerichard

I am a Priest with ROCOR.
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